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Stoney's Ukuleles and Steel Tongue Drums


  Making your life more fun 'one note at a time'.  Stoney's now has Steel Tongue Drums .   Anyone can play these mellow sounding instruments.   Ukuleles are easy to learn to play and Stoney will help get you started!  

Steel Tongue Drums
Anyone can make mellow sounds with these steel drums. Great for meditation too.
steel tongue drums.jpg
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Shop Stoney's Online Store at Zazzle...Designs_by_Stoney

Zazzle.com Designs_by_stoney
Check out my over 700 products listed on Zazzle. These are products incorporating my art and design onto numerous products that can be personalized. Great online shopping for the holidays!. To see my products go to www.zazzle.com/designs_by_stoney
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Stoney has been busy creating over 700 products that you can order online.   Featuring my original art and design, many of these products can be personalized for great gifts.   Check it out at www.zazzle.com/designs_by_stoney.

Over 700 products created by Stoney are available at www.zazzle.com/designs_by_stoney
Check out my Zazzle Account - this sweet little towel set for teens is just one example of the great products I have created - many of which can be personalized
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Toys and Games

Bengal GrillMaster Aprons

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Fairytale Kids Custom Paintings

Tucked away in MainStrasse Village, this house with the purple porch and the glitter floors is fast becoming a popular destination for those seeking top Winner of NKY Best Toy Shoppe 2014 and 2015!!!

Stop by Stoney's and say 'hello' !

I would love to meet you and your little ones!!!


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